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Curious about other projects and people related to us? Here is a bunch of reading material you might like:

Fruit Growing Organizations
North American Fruit Explorers

Midwest Fruit Explorers

Backyard Fruit Growers

California Rare Fruit Growers

Urban Orchards

Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard

Union Street Urban Orchard

Bloomington Community Orchard

TreePeople Fruit Tree Program

Walnut Way Conservation Corps

Academic/Governmental Resources Plant Genetic Resource Unit:

Crop Diversity
Seed Saver's Exchange

Global Crop Diversity Trust

Media Articles
New York Times story about Plant Genetic Research Unit

Smithsonian on fruit sleuths:

Feature article on apple expert Lee Calhoun

Reader article about Chicagoan Oriana Kruszewski

More Friends and Inspirations:
Advocates for Urban Agriculture:

Fresh Taste:

Soup and Bread at the Hideout:

Growing Power:

Birchwood Kitchen:

Logan Square Kitchen:

Chicago Honey Coop:

Slow Food, Chicago Chapter:

Slow Food USA:

Empirical Opera:

Logan Square Chamber of Commerce:

Wild Raspberry Apple Orchard:

Renewing Americas Food Traditions:

Uncommon Ground:

Virtue Cider:

Photo of Medlar and Persimmon at the Midwest Fruit Explorer Harvest Festival. Photo by Erin Foley.


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